O U R   S E R V I C E S


The compliance reporting process can often be daunting due to the large number of filing types that must be assembled and submitted on time and in the correct format. In addition, the filing process constantly changes with new EDGAR filing mandates. IPG’s seasoned and experienced staff has been there through the entire transition from paper filings to electronic documents formatted in ASCII, HTML, and now XBRL.


Whether it's a simple Section 16 compliance filing or the most complex transactional filing, IPG has the expertise to convert and file EDGAR documents quickly and accurately. Our goal is to partner with you to simplify the process of meeting your compliance needs as well as adapting to the ever changing regulatory landscape. With over 30 years of SEC filing experience, IPG offers your company personalized attention, exceptional service and a low-cost approach to meet all of your disclosure and compliance filing requirements.


Our on-site typesetting facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We incorporate everything from formatting the simplest to the most complex of documents that include automated SEC file conversion and preparation as well as print distribution management. The majority of disclosure documents are fairly basic that include narrative and financial table components (we call it "Text and Tabular"). We take the files sent to us from our clients (typically Word, Excel or PDF) and convert them to our typesetting platform and apply styles and formatting to make the document consistent throughout. For documents that also need to file with the SEC, we also insure the typeset document converts to EDGAR/HTML with little to no clean-up. Every document is produced with our assurance of excellent quality and service. 


In addition to the traditional formatting of disclosure documents, IPG also has extensive experience in documents that are more design intensive. We can help you create a new layout design, or work with your existing files created by an outside graphic design firm. Our staff have expertise in all of the Adobe Creative Suite applications: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator,  Quark, Acrobat, Dreamweaver as well as many others. We can even help you design a new web site.


When finalizing a multi-million dollar deal, the last thing you need to worry about is how confident you are with the customer service staff at the printer. At IPG, you are working with the most experienced and best in our industry. Regardless of the complexity of a deal, you can be rest assured that we have worked on it and have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the entire process. We have worked on everything from high-profile Initial Public Offerings (IPO's), mergers and acquisitions, foreign F-1 offerings, shelf takedowns, mutual funds, corporate compliance (10-K's, Schedule 14A's, 8-K's, Section 16 filings), as well as private placement deals and much more. We have seen it all and you get our "A" team on each and every project. We guarantee it!     


IPG has formed a strategic partnership with BMC Group in conjunction with their SmartRoom. The platform provides  a powerful cloud-based deal management solution, for due diligence, fundraising, M&A deals, post-merger integration, secure collaboration, restructuring, medical records analysis, and legal settlements. This secure virtual data room (VDR) is easy to set up and use as it does not require any training, hardware, or software. Your teams can confidently share documents, access files, and securely complete due diligence simply via web browser.


IPG Data Room offers the highest levels of security, global delivery network with 24/7 support, and deal-grade data room service. Our project management team works like you do – in real time.




Providing automated document management solutions is an additional service IPG provides. The complexity of the requirements in today’s on-line workplace transcends mere physical documents and include information found on a variety of today’s electronic media devices: CDs, portable hard drives, cell phones, e-mail servers, and dedicated servers. Today’s new web consumers have evolved and are smarter, tech savvier, more connected and more empowered than ever before. They expect their content to be at their fingertips and in a manner that delivers a seamless web experience that’s tailored to them.


As the electronic and digital age has engulfed our society, so too has digital printing. There will always be a need for printing hard copies, but the need to print a large volume of quantities has diminished greatly in recent years. Digital printing is ideal for lower quantity projects (less than 1,000 copies) and when quick turnaround is required. IPG handles a wide range of digital print projects and is fully equipped to meet your digital printing needs. IPG utilizes the latest technologies to include variable data printing. 


For the larger print runs and/or projects that require flexible ink, paper, and size options, to include 4-color process, embossing, engraving, and die-cutting, IPG is fully equipped to meet these requirements. We have been offset printers for over 50 years! We deliver high quality at a great value and rapid turnaround.  


IPG will work with your team to distribute First Day Orders, 341 Meeting Notices and Bar Date Notices, Proof of Claim Forms, Disclosure Statement Hearing Notices and Plan Confirmations. IPG has become a leader in the industry with regard to hi-speed/hi-volume CD Replication.


Our complete range of capabilities allow us to accelerate the entire process and take even the tightest deadlines in stride. IPG has experience in all size mailings and will ensure your print jobs are handled in a prompt, efficient and cost-effective manner. We employ rigorous quality control procedures that ensure accuracy. An affidavit will be provided with every mailing.


Our job is to help you do business better, faster, and cheaper. We can handle your project from the creation and production of the design and copy of the printed piece and merge it with a database of addresses ensuring that it is mailed to that list in a timely fashion. We use the latest automated equipment to manage your project from start to finish because mailing and fulfillment is a logical extension of our print services. Our services ensure complete postal automation, so that you get the lowest possible postage cost.